The Triple L

The mission of the Triple L is to kick into action the artistic vision of its founding members by way of the camera lens. The Triple L is a collaborative effort that is pursuing an outlet for its collective voice.

Jill Thomas

Through a moment of revelatory self-recognition, a dormant visual language that permeates the everyday, seeks links among the detritus of a life we don’t really understand. In this enigmatic detritus I hope to capture dissimilar elements of the real and the abstract; blurring the line between snapshot and painting.

Apollo Right

Lori Nunokawa

My work often reflects the juxtaposition of humankind and nature. With curious observation bringing a fresh, personal perspective to the work.

Lisa Sebasco

With her photography, Lisa tries to exaggerate and underscore the ordinary while standing up and punching convention and reality smack in the jaw. In her spare time, Lisa pushes through graduate school, interns as a psychotherapist in Berkeley, and dreams of one day drawing a perfect circle with her Etch A Sketch.



Photographs by Lori Nunokawa

Photographs by Lori Nunokawa

June 13 - Sept 11, 2011 JungleRed SF 4233 18th Street San Francisco, CA 94114 Artist's Opening Reception: Wednesday, June 13th, 7-9PM

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