2Toggle – A Mixed Media Experience

Music Written & Performed by Dawn Richardson
Photographic Images by Lori Nunokawa

Take the hybrid art shuttle to sensory pre-occupational therapy with the mixed media experiment 2Toggle. They will drive you through a multi-dimensional intersection of images and sound. A textural rhythmic experience for the eyes and ears is ready to crash into your private mental party very soon, possibly at the next turn. Fasten your safety belt and please keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times. Dawn’s vehicle includes a quasi-traditional drum kit, comprised of a bass drum; two snare drums; a floor tom; hi hat; some various symbols and an assortment of hand percussion instruments and toys – including, but not limited to; pods; shakers; tambourines; slide whistles, toy accordion and bells. The music is executed as a drum and laptop computer duo. All percussion and drum kit is played simultaneously while the computer generates music along with images. Actually, the computer doesn’t just make up music on its own, Dawn had to help it with that first. Now it’s able to play the music back just fine. No overdubbing was allowed on this recording. Lori cruises through life with a camera stuck to her eye – capturing photographic images of her life in San Francisco, among other things. Sometimes when she leaves the city, she takes it along and photographs things of interest to her in other places. Other times she combines images and makes special photos of places only she can imagine, where the inhabitants might just be tiny plastic facsimiles of human life. It’s obvious that it’s fun being in the car with Lori – when she looks out, she sees something different than most. It’s kind of neat that she can make still images move. Come along and ride with 2Toggle and appreciate her view as you watch the transitions frame by frame.

Contact 2Toggle:

Squeaky Bubble Productions
1459 18th Street #135, San Francisco, CA 94107